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Green Dragon Athletics

Lewisburg High School


Green Dragon Athletics

Lewisburg High School

Green Dragon Athletics

Lewisburg High School

Sports Nutrition


A collaboration of Lewisburg Area School District and The Nutrition Specialist, LLC 

There is no denying that our students train hard to perform at their best, but are we fueling their bodies properly? We believe that proper nutrition can boost energy levels and improve performance on and off the field.

The goal of our Sports Nutrition Initiative is to produce student athletes who are knowledgeable about nutrition and are properly fueled to compete at a high level. We have linked up with The Nutrition Specialist, LLC in an effort to provide our athletic community with parent and group nutrition talks, coach and team talks, assessment and recreation of cafeteria and concession stand menus and development and launch of pre/during/post-competition meal and hydration protocols.

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This information was provided by Tanya Williams - Clinical Dietitian & Sports Nutritional Specialist.

Before Sports Nutrition

During Sports Nutrition

Recovery Nutrition

Exercise Hydration

Performance Hydration

Nutrition for teams

Nutrition for Traveling teams

Female Athlete Triad

Reversing Iron Depletion

Optimal Bone Health

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